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Working on Stripes

Colors are so much fun!

We are full of such a colorful world that of COURSE we want to put that into our knitted creations.

Bright colors make us smile!

We are continuing to work on our striped balls. Switching our colors every 6 rows of Garter stitch knitting. Don't worry if you see a carry loop at one end of your rectangles. That won't show once we cinch up our balls and stuff them.

See my loop yarn carried up the bottom of this photo? Especially towards the right side in white. Yours will have them too...

Did you know that knitting is typically a social activity?

Years and years ago our ancestors would get together and knit! It could have been great-great grandpas in Holland speaking Dutch and sitting around a fire repairing their fishing nets.

Maybe it was a great-great grandmother in Eastern Europe knitting with other ladies a sweater that would take them all winter to finish for their husbands.

Most often, knitters like to knit around other knitters!

We can SEE what others are doing, learn new techniques and of course, TALK!!!

Do you have to be a Chatty Cathy to knit? Of course not! But in the beginning, when we learn a new skill, just like our ancestors, it's good to visually and physically be able to demonstrate, instruct or correct our knitting together.

Today, we have YouTube, crafting websites and other places where we can SEE knitters but it really isn't the same as someone sitting right next to you working on their projects at the same time.

Knitting it together one stitch at a time!

Make this week a good one! KNIT. Maybe show your mom. Or your dad. Or a sibling. I bet you know more than you thought you did already and you've only been knitting for 6 weeks now!

Here to cheer you on and keep those stitches on the needles,

Mrs. Russ


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