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Summer is Wrapping Up!

I can't believe this is the last day of August 2019. The summer months have flown by!

Dog days of summer...

You would think a home school mom and teacher like me would sit around knitting and crocheting all summer long right?! After all, 3 of the 4 are in college right now and with only one at home I have tons of time, right?!

Ha ha, not this summer!

I was busy re-organizing and developing my curriculum for knitting and crochet classes, developing and testing new patterns for both, and writing.

Did I mention I like writing?

The love of the craft and twisting my stitches makes me WANT to sit all day creating, but also the particulars of sharing this craft requires writing patterns. And testing them for accuracy. Making sure that they make sense, mostly for kids. And developing refined lesson plans so all of the foundations are taught. I wanted this year to be more fun and relaxed, yet not chaotic and disjointed. Kids are pretty resilient and they adapt pretty well to yarn and needles, or hooks and yarn. It's the teacher in me that wants to give them more and make their stitches happy and put smiles on their faces!

I'm really excited for this new school year!!!

I am so glad you are here. Check back often--

Keep Stitching,

Mrs. Russ

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