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Knitting-order for your brain!

Can you even imagine that knitting is good for you?

It's more than a ball of yarn!

Doctors and researchers have proven time and time again that the act of knitting calms the brain, orders thoughts and puts focus in check when you are feeling agitated, anxious or out of sorts!

Moms & Dads, want know more health benefits from this craft?

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Never underestimate the power of the needle and pretty string... (((GRIN)))

Knitting requires an action (knitting the loops onto the needles) and that action can put your brain at ease.

Now, my new students knitting reading this are PROBABLY not feeling very calm as they are practicing their stitches this week.

In the beginning, new students worry about stitches falling off the needles, loops looking wonky or holes in the fabric.


GIRL! Stop and breathe.

Your knitting skills are being sharpened and ingrained into your BRAIN every time you pick up those needles and practice the gentle art of knitting.

Don't worry -- be happy as the old song goes. JUST KNIT.

That's it!

And that's your homework this week.

Work on that washcloth ready to bind off in class next week. Then, we will prepare your creation to gift to someone you love!

Happy knitting,

Mrs. Russ

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