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How to Make a Circle

Hi Crochet class!

Please watch the above video with hook and yarn in hand and practice how to start a Magic Circle (aka Magic Ring). Take your time! Try it, pull it out, then try it again!!!

You will also need to review how to INCREASE in crochet which is just like knitting!!! You simply make 2 stitches into the 1 stitch on the row or round you are working on. Please watch this video below and then we will go through the steps of the Pattern you received and should have printed out, "Make a Circle."

Are you ready to start your circles?! Let's do it together...

*Hint when starting that circle and following the video make sure you orientate your work like I have pictured above.

Step 1: Make your Magic Ring, chain 1.

Step 2: Simply single crochet into that circle 6 stitches. It should look like this:

Don't pull that tail too tightly at first! You can always tighten it more later to make the little circle in the center smaller. Then slip stitch the stitch on your hook to that 1st stitch on the other end.

You should have 6 stitches on your little circle! Remember the last stitch is now the one under your hook--see the arrow? That is stitch #6, going clockwise you should see 5 more stitches to make 6 total! Click my pic 3 to make it bigger and view the 6 stitches. Count them and compare yours. If you are off in your numbers, or your stitches are TOO TIGHT to count, pull it out and start over. It's better to get a nice even center to your circle then struggle with getting your hook into those little bitty stitches.


Okay onto to Step 3 in the pattern. This is called an increase round! Review video again above if needed.

STOP after Step 3. Count your stitches. You should have 12. Click the pic 4 above to see it larger and compare your circle to mine. Have an extra stitch? Pull out one (or reverse one stitch) Don't have enough? Back up and see if you can find the stitch you only crocheted once into.

Now we are going to mark our round. WHAT? Mrs Russ, you didn't tell me markers were involved! Why yes, a small scrap of different colored yarn, about an inch in length will do! Mine is light blue. Place it like so:

You are going to WRAP that yarn piece around the edge of the circle front and back. If I make one crochet stitch into the next round you can see what I mean:

See the scrap marker now poking out a bit in front and back of my circle? When I get to that marked place I know I have completed my next round. To move the marker I am going pull the marker out, lay it against the beginning of my round again like in Pic 5 and continue on.

Move to Step 4 in the Pattern. The * 2 sc (stands for SINGLE CROCHET = 2 single crochet stitches into 1 stitch = INCREASE stitch!) into 1 stitch, 1 sc * this between the asterisks (* symbol) will be repeated all the way around the circle. When you are done, you will have 18 stitches total.

*Remember to move that marker after you finish Step 4 all the way around. Pull it out, lay it around the edge front and back of your circle!

Step 5 we are almost 1/2 done!!!

This is where my hook winds up BEFORE my marker so I know this round is completed. I now should have 24 stitches total! Do you have more? Are you missing 1...that's okay! At this point keep going--your circle may not be perfectly round but that's okay. You are just learning something new. For Step 6 we will do that increase stitch, then 3 single crochets, increase stitch, 3 single crochets all the way around the circle. Are you following the pattern? Do you have questions? EMAIL ME!!! I'm here for you... :-) and I want to see you succeed!!! YAY if you have 24!!!!! Yay if you have stuck it out this far!!! Let's do Step 7, 8 and 9 just like we've been doing. Count your stitches and move your marker!

Time to finish it up...

I'm ready to finish are you??? This is what my circle looks like above. Pull your marker out, you don't need it anymore.

Cut the tail leaving about 2" for weaving in later.

Finish off!

Turn your circle over and weave those ends in with your tapestry needle. Cut tails after weaving about 1".

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! A CIRCLE...this is the start of something amazingly cool in the world of crochet. Because now...we can do all kinds of things!

Hope this tutorial helped!

Keep on stitching,

Mrs. Russ

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