• Rachel

And we are OFF!!!

(Single crocheting that is!)

How are you doing? Are you getting the hang of it yet? Remember to practice a row or two each night before bed, or while watching TV. After awhile you won't have to concentrate so hard as it will get easier and easier.

Make a mistake? No worries, pull out your hook and pull back a row or two and try again. Insert your hook right back into the loop you have left and keep going!

Don't forget, most of our projects will be using this quick and easy stitch, SINGLE CROCHET and we will work on making your rows nice and even together in class. The plan is to start simple and work our way up to making a simple ball so we can make TOYS. Or hats. Or mittens. Or whatever you are interested in. DREAM BIG CROCHET SMALL to start!!!

Here's your review video for single crochet:

Happy stitching,

Mrs. Russ

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