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Am I Really Knitting?!

Why yes, yes you are! If you are effectively putting loops on the needles, and your knitting is growing longer, then YES! YOU ARE KNITTING!

Need a review and not sure if you are forming the Knit Stitch correctly?

******Here's a video for review.

If you hold your yarn with your left hand, you are a LEFTIE knitter otherwise known as a Continental Knitter. If you are holding the yarn in your right hand, you are a RIGHTIE otherwise known as English Knitter.

Mrs. Russ likes to make it easier and say you either PICK or THROW your yarn. Watch how you are knitting....so which one are YOU?! Do you have a throwing motion or a picking motion as your form your new loop?

This weeks homework is to get our washcloths started.

How much knitting do I need to do Mrs. Russ?

If you can, get this much done:


We will finish our washcloths in 2 weeks.

Try to get at least 2" done on your washcloth. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's okay if it has a few holes. Try to remember to count your 25 stitches at the end of every row.

We will fix any mistakes next class! If you need to pull your knitting out and re-start a few times, that's okay. It is YOUR 1st PROJECT!!!!

Keep going.

Practice makes perfect. :-) This is a practice project.

Keep Stitching and I will see you next week,

Mrs. Russ

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